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Re: compile firefox.

At 1148551039 past the epoch, Jeffrin Jose wrote:
> apt-cache does not give any typical nsinstall stuff.  i
> had downloaded an rpm having nsinstall and installed it by
> converting it to deb using alien. the error report i gave
> was with nsinstall installed.
> thanks in advance.

If you do "apt-get source mozilla-firefox", the debian
source package will be downloaded and extracted in the
current working directory.

"apt-get build-dep mozilla-firefox" will get you all the
build dependencies for the package.

(from within the unpacked source directory)
"fakeroot debian/rules build" should build the package. This
holds for any source package that requires building, so you
are insulated from the specifics of the upstream program.

You may be able to drop in or subtitute the orig.tar.gz from
the firefox package with your upstream source, if the
orig.tar.gz version is not appropriate for your needs.

Jon Dowland

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