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Re: Marvell Yukon Gigabit Ethernet card not detected by Debian

> I have net install/Minimal Install CD of Debian. I have "Marvell Yukon
> Gigabit Ethernet card 88E8053 PCI-E" which detected by WinXP and Red
> Hat. When stsrting installation ,It attempts to auto-detect the network
> card and fails, then displays a list of drivers for network cards.I
> could not find the driver on internet, not even on Marvell's website

In kernel 2.6.16, the brand new sky2 driver drives this controller.  You'd 
have to configure and build a new kernel in order to choose and install 
this driver.  You can also download and install the driver for earlier 

In kernels prior to 2.6.16, you have to use Syskonnect's modified sk98lin
driver.  Note that there is an sk98lin driver already in the kernel source,
but it won't work with that controller.  Instead you have to go to
http://www.skd.de/e_en/support/driver.html, choose product SK-9E21, and
download and install that driver.

Good luck,

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