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Re: Parallelizing fetchmail

On May 23, 2006, at 11:27 AM, Casey T. Deccio wrote:

The "queue" is a regular MTA mail queue for a system, not a user mailbox or maildir. So there are in fact two mail queues, one for MailScanner,
and one for the MTA:

1. The message is received by the incoming MTA and queued in the
incoming queue.
2. MailScanner retrieves the message from the incoming queue, scans it,
and sends it to the outgoing MTA queue.
3. The outgoing instance of the MTA retrieves the message from the
outgoing queue and delivers it accordingly.

That's what I thought. However, there still seems to be a piece or two missing.

In short, which component provides the queue management? Which component performs the tasks of fetchmail->input_queue and output_queue->procmail?

Normally this would be performed by an MTA. But I read Daniele's original post as a desire to avoid using a heavyweight MTA such as exim or sendmail. MailScanner appears to be an elegant solution, but raises some questions:
 - Can procmail be configured to read and write MailScanner's queues?
- Are separate lightweight processes required? If so, where would one find them? Perhaps a qmail component? - Just how MTA dependent is the queue format? Has a standard format been established? If so, where is it articulated?
 - Is the use of a full-featured MTA unavoidable?

And finally,
- What's the set of packages that contain all the necessary components? fetchmail + procmail + MailScanner + ???

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