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resolv.conf changing at boot

After recent upgrades in etch, I found my Firefox, Thunderbird, etc.
waiting long periods for apparently DNS lookup (10-20 seconds every
time). This is happening on two different computers which were upgraded.

I find that my original entries of two nameservers in my resolv.conf
file are being wiped out every time I boot.

I have a router (D-Link DI-604) and several computers on my LAN.  The
router is  That is the address the resolv.conf file is
being changed to for nameserver on bootup.  By restoring (editing) the
resolv.conf file to the proper nameservers of 214.134.xxx.yyy and
214.134.xxx.zzz. then everything works fine (no significant delay for
DNS lookup)...until next time I reboot and they're back to
in resolv.conf.  (and the 214.134... entries missing).

Can anyone point me to where/what is happening here?  Maybe I have a
misunderstanding of wherein the problem lies.  The DI-604 router shows
the 214.134... nameservers correctly when I look at it.  These are
nameservers provided by my ISP.  I have not changed anything recently
that I could imagine would affect this.

(I do not have "resolvconf" installed -- as mentioned in some past
messages on this list.)


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