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Re: switching games between fullscreen and window

On Tue, May 23, 2006 at 01:31:29 +0200, lee wrote:


> Meanwhile, how do I switch between X11 and consoles? Ctrl+Alt+Fn-x
> doesn't work. I have already set
>    Option          "DontVTSwitch"  "off"
> in xorg.conf since long because it doesn't work since long, but to no
> avail. When I start gdm, I can switch as long as I'm not logged in,
> but I don't use gdm and don't want to log off to switch anyway.

Check with "xev" if the Ctrl, Alt and Fn-x key generate the right key
press/release events in X. ("Control_L", "Alt_L", "F1", etc.) Post the
output of "xmodmap" and the keyboard section of your xorg.conf. 


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