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Re: photo management and camera download by date

On Tuesday 23 May 2006 04:09, Richard Otte wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to download photos off of my digital camera in such a way
> that they are sorted into directories by date.  So a photo taken on
> Feb 23,2006 would be put in a directory 2006/02/23/filename.  The
> camera will often have photos taken on different dates, and I'd like
> the directories to be created and the photos to be organized into
> these directories automatically.  Does anyone know of a program that
> will do this?
> I very briefly looked at digikam, but it looks as if it downloads all
> the photos into an album, and the photos are not downloaded according
> to date.  It looks as if I could make a digikam album for each date,
> and then manually download photos to the different albums, but this
> takes a fair amount of work if there are lots of photos taken on
> different dates.
> Any suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks,
> Ric

Date encoding is manufacturer dependent, if not camera dependant. I never 
heard of a program that could do what you expect.

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