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photo management and camera download by date


I would like to download photos off of my digital camera in such a way
that they are sorted into directories by date.  So a photo taken on
Feb 23,2006 would be put in a directory 2006/02/23/filename.  The
camera will often have photos taken on different dates, and I'd like
the directories to be created and the photos to be organized into
these directories automatically.  Does anyone know of a program that
will do this?  

I very briefly looked at digikam, but it looks as if it downloads all
the photos into an album, and the photos are not downloaded according
to date.  It looks as if I could make a digikam album for each date,
and then manually download photos to the different albums, but this
takes a fair amount of work if there are lots of photos taken on
different dates.

Any suggestions are appreciated.  Thanks,


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