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Emacs21.4a-6: characters display as empty boxes


   I am running Debian Linux unstable on a Pc. I upgraded
   yesterday and ran
   into trouble with the xorg system. So I  had to remove x11-common,
   and dselect removed a lot of files. However I was able to recover.
   Now, Xemacs and all other programs seem to work OK, but emacs (in the
   X windows) opens up but all the characters show up as empty boxes.

    What packages have I fogotten to install? It does not appear to be
    an essential package, because emacs21 installed without any trouble.
    There was a report about a bug in font display, and suggesting the
    ipe package. I installed this and it made no difference.

    I have gdm as the display manager.

    The emacs packages I have installed are: emacs21-bin-common,
    emacsen-common, emacs21 emacs21-common and emnacs21-el.
    Thanks for any suggestions. 


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