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Re: fdisk, parted, problems and questions.

I am a bit crazy about partitions and keep changing them, about twice a year, my wife won't generally let me near her PC.

I saw somewhere that data at end/center of disk has slower I/O so I put hdx4 there with a bootable Linux-fix-RIP partition containing all backup data, I keep this to about 5GB for dumping to a DVD. My grub-boot stuff is kept there.

hdx1 generally has some WinJunk partition which I hardly ever use.
hdx2 for testing
hdx5 swap
hdx6 Debian-test
hdx7 data
hdx8 Debian-unstable/sid

Depending on PC, I may also have a vfat and another reiserfs partition.

I recently rebuilt three thinkpads and a desktop to above format to keep them all similar, otherwise it was hard tracking what I was doing. I did it also to a USB-hd and a spare hd for thinkpad and reformatted it as well).

That USB-hd is even bootable, I solved, at least for Debian, a full bootable Linux on sda6. The sda4-fix-RIP-reiserfs won't boot all the way yet, but the RIP-img-vfat will boot on sda1 (DSL would do likewise).

Whatever you do BACKUP and BACKUP first and often.

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