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Re: Firestarter not starting

On Mon, May 22, 2006 at 09:42:01AM +0100, John Talbut wrote:
> I have been doing a bit more digging and it seems that my startup setup 
> should run Firestarter at S20 in etc/rc2.d on bootup.  This seems to be 
> to one that gives the line
> Starting the Firestarter firewall: failed
> Can Firestarter start before the GUI, which starts with etc/rc2.d/S99gdm ?

Yes it can and it does on my system as well. In fact it starts too early
and I too get the failure notice but when network brings up eth0 (I
connect via a cable modem) dhclient runs the firestarter script again
successfully (it is called via /etc/dhclient-exit-hooks). So at this point
firestarter "the firewall" is running but no gui is running as X hasn't
even started yet. To get the gui I restart firestarter everytime I login 
with kdm by calling it from ~/.kde/Autostart

> There is a 1Firestarter script in /etc/ppp/ip-up.d that should start 
> Firestarter when the interface is up.  However, this script only appears 
> to start Firestarter if it is already installed.

Did you mean to say "already running" rather than "already installed"?
Would you post the snippet of code that runs it? If firestarter really
isn't running and /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/firestarter is only willing to
restart it and failing then we may be able to hack that script so that
it first checks to see if firestarter is running - if so then restart -
if not then start.

What I am wondering is if in fact the firestarter "the firewall" is
running but you just are not getting the gui part of the program.
If so, the remedy would be to reload it with sudo according to the
directions listed here:


It's been some years since I used Gnome as my DE. What is the program
called that establishes the ppp link for you?

Ken Wahl

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