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Re: Re: Firestarter not starting

Thanks Ken. In fact I knew about the item on the Firestarter site. My problems were with it that it did not give any indication as to how I could find out whether it applied to my dialler and also, since I do not use KDE the workaround would not apply.

I have been doing a bit more digging and it seems that my startup setup should run Firestarter at S20 in etc/rc2.d on bootup. This seems to be to one that gives the line

Starting the Firestarter firewall: failed

Can Firestarter start before the GUI, which starts with etc/rc2.d/S99gdm ?

There is a 1Firestarter script in /etc/ppp/ip-up.d that should start Firestarter when the interface is up. However, this script only appears to start Firestarter if it is already installed.

Any more suggestions as to how to get it starting up properly?

John Talbut
(Using Debian testing)

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