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smc-ultra and PnPISA SMC EtherEZ

I was given an old computer a few months ago, which I've just gotten around to setting up.

I was using the most recent testing netinstall cd, which fails to detect the network card, but when selected from the list everything works fine.

However, once the set up process is over, any attempt to configure the interface gets responses to the effect of "device could not be found". So, I searched google and a two ptions presented themselves.

The first, in the ethernet how-to: Download a tool (EZ551.EXE, which unpacks to EZSTART.EXE) from the SMC website, boot into DOS, run the tool, disable PnP (presumably putting the device into compatability mode). And it would then work.

It does not, no matter how many times I "disabled" PnP and whatever other settings I ...set when modprobe smc-ultra is run, it still would return. amongst other things "pnp: Device 01:01.00 activated." Which is clearly less than ideal.

The second options referred to isapnp and pnpdump, which I've been fiddling around with, it outputs that the device has been activated ok, but no dice there either. The error messages :

eth0: ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device
Bind socket to interface: No such device

remain my constant companion.

I've tried all the configurations that combine the two as well. Given it works udring the installation process I know it can work, so clearly I must be doing something wrong. Anyone know what that is?

Stuart Weaver

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