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Re: mixing aptitude and synaptic

Black Dew wrote:

kamaraju kusumanchi wrote:

Is it OK to mix aptitude and synaptic? I know that it is not good to mix apt-get and aptitude. But what about using synaptic sometimes and aptitude sometimes? any suggestions?

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Both synaptic and aptitude are just front ends to apt, it shouldn't be a problem to use any combination of them

I don't think that this is true. Aptitude is not a front end for apt-get. That said, I use both interchangeably with no problems.

There is one snag. Aptitude keeps a note of packages that have been installed manually (as opposed to being installed automatically as dependencies). The result is that it assumes that any packages installed using Synaptic were not manually installed. This means that Aptitude sometimes wants to remove a number of your packages because it assumes that they are no longer needed. The solution (thanks to Magnus Therning in a previous post) is to run

   # aptitude unmarkauto --schedule-only '~i'

before running Aptitude commands.


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