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Re: Failed to boot, wants to acces harddisk via knoppix

Open up a terminal, and type 'sudo su'.

'mkdir /mnt/drive'

If you know where your hard drive is located, you can mount it now.

'mount /dev/hda5 /mnt/drive' (or whatever)

Otherwise, just 'dmesg hd' and use 'fdisk -l /dev/hda' to find the
drive with the partitions you want to mount. (where hda is the drive
that shows up)

Now mount, and explore. :)

On 5/22/06, severino@ulvedalen.dk <severino@ulvedalen.dk> wrote:
Yesterday the computer suddenly freezed, No response from keyboard, that
is, I could not switch to tty and shutdown / reboot from there.

I did it the hard, turning of the power. Tried to reboot, but no succes.

I have now booted up with knoppix, and would like to have access to the
harddrive. How do I mount it (if possible -- if it is damaged, there is
little hope)?



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