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Re: ICEWM Menu and Debian Menu System.


Could you be so kind as to provide a list of software you included in the 
church deployment?  What country are you in?

On Saturday 20 May 2006 19:11, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> nuser wrote:
> >  Hi,
> >
> >  I'm configuring a series of machines which will run ICEWM with a minimal
> > set of apps. I use Debian testing/unstable, but mostly testing. I read
> > the docs, but some pointers lead me nowhere. Tried to get rid of Debian
> > default menu entries on ICEWM, using icepref, iceme, editing files at
> > /etc/menu-methods, update-menus, etc.. What's the Debian way, to not
> > break anything, to have a custom menu on icewm? The best would be to have
> > just what I put there... I even tried to copy everything at   etc/menu/,
> > /usr/lib/menu/, /usr/share/menu/default/ to ~/.menu and empty the files,
> > run update-menus, but did not work.
> >
> >
> >  Thanks!
> Unfortunately iceme and icepref are old and very broken.  A new program,
> called icewmcp, has replaced them.  I was going to package it as I had
> intended to use IceWM in a 12 machine deployment at my church, but I
> ended up going with GNOME for a number of reasons.  Anyhow, someone else
> expresses an interest a while back (you can check
> http://bugs.debian.org/wnpp to see who file the intent to package), but
> I don't know what came of it.
> -Roberto

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