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Re: totally rsync based package updating system?

Dan Jacobson wrote:
> Say, would the least bandwidth package updating system be one where
> the user just does
> rsync mirror:Packages /var/...
> then for $(each package that needs updating)
> rsync mirror:uncompressed_package /var/...
> Hmmm, but then it's not usually just documents that have changed...
> OK, then how does ubuntu do it? Well then more time is spent
> compiling. Anyway, just wondering if one put the highest priority on
> bandwidth...
> Hmmm, I suppose no way you look at it, you're not going to be able to
> track sid with just a modem without extra $.

I don't know if it is in Sid yet, but I think that new version of dpkg
was recently uploaded to experimental that defaults to using rsync for
updating the package database at least.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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