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Help! OpenGL on VIA EPIA M10000 VIA CLE266??

I am currently running Sarge on a VIA EPIA M10000 MiniITX board with integrated VIA CLE266 graphics. I performed a very basic installation and am slowly learning more about Linux and how to use this platform for various tasks, such as a server, CarPC, and home websurfing.

One snag that I keep hitting is trying to get Mesa/OpenGL working. Shucks, I can't even get the accelerated X11 drivers working!! So far I'm only able to use the generic, slow VESA module on the stock XFree86 4.3 from Sarge. Anything else causes a slew of problems, DRI won't load, sometimes the system won't even see my plain PS/2 mouse. I have reinstalled many time, reconfigured many more times, and have tried different kernels and different packages.

I am looking for detailed instructions to show me HOWTO download/compile/install/configure/whatever XFree86 -or- Xorg with full acceleration for my EPIA M10000's integrated CLE266 OpenChrome graphics and enough Mesa/OpenGL support so that I can see the pretty xscreensaver-gl hacks, play Quake3 or TuxRacer, and watch glxgears run really fast.

Using google I found many HOWTOs for recompiling my kernel, compiling OpenChrome, and configuring Xog, but none of these have really helped much. I keep hitting dead ends and I don't know enough about the inner working of Linux and X11 to figure it out on my own. I have scoured the XSF FAQs and am still lost.

To summarize the HOWTO I am seeking:
First Step: Start with a minimal install of Debian
Middle Steps: ....
Final Step: Enjoy OpenGL applications, such as Quake 3 and xscreensaver!

Hopefully such a HOWTO would help not only me, but many of the other Linux-on-EPIA users as well!

P.S. I am willing to switch to Testing or Unstable/Sid if that would help the process.

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