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Re: NFS mounts & LDAP automount failing on bootup

On Wed, May 17, 2006 at 15:29:50 +0100, Juliet Kemp wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm running Debian testing (2.6.15-1-486 kernel) on a new Dell box.  On 
> bootup, the NFS mount I have in /etc/fstab fails to mount; the LDAP 
> automount maps also do not load ('/etc/init.d/autofs status' gives no 
> active mountpoints).
> Once booted, logging in as root & doing 'mount -a' sorts the NFS mount, 
> & restarting autofs fixes the LDAP automount problem.  So it seems that 
> there is some sort of issue in the boot process.
> Any suggestions / further things I can look for to pin this down better?

It might be a problem of modules missing in your initrd. Sometimes it is
enough to recreate the initrd with mkinitrd.yaird instead of the normal
mkinitrd. (I think yaird is specifically optimized for 2.6 kernels.)

Another possibility would be to compile all NFS drivers statically into
the kernel, if you are willing to build a custom one.


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