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Re: would someone shed me light on how to remove a debian pakcage?

--- Alex Fernandez <alejandrofer@gmail.com> wrote:

> > > So you are happy with your GPS system in your
> car
> > > which sends the data to the government
> intellegence
> > > agent.... Hah?
> > >
> >
> > If they can get the data from my GPS, why not just
> use the satellites
> > which can photograph license plates and track them
> in real time.  That
> > way, they can also track me when I am in my car
> that doesn't have GPS.

Not all the goernment are capable of doing that except
 for the top rich ones, aren't they?

> >From the moment you remove the tin-foil hat you are
> busted: they can
> track your brainwaves through the ether and even
> read your thoughs.
> So, why bother?

Well, I believe that some of elites have also got
anti-bugging capabilities through more than 4
dimention cosmos, but every one can do this though

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