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Re: would someone shed me light on how to remove a debian pakcage?

I finally found that W3C has got

User Agent Accessibility Guidelines at


Now my question is how authenticative W3C is?  Why am
I asking this?  Because, seting up a standard is one
thing and getting vendors to implement is another.

It seems to me that the standard has been there for 4
years and no broswer has implemented it so far, as I
can find no where within the maijor broswers (such as
IE, Netscape or Firefox) saying that the accessibility
of the broswer is w3c compliant.

Another issue conserns me is that the w3c guideline
only addresses the accessibility issue and not enough
on User Agent security - Section 1.5 only.  Where I
can find security standards of the web broswer?

It is perfectly fine, if the vendors are unable to
achive the security of the broswer at the same time
with the accessibility, and rely on the third party
software to make compliment it.  But the standard
level has to be differentiated and indicated clearly
either using logo or code, what ever.  

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