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Re: switching from apt-get to aptitude

Christopher Nelson wrote:

On Wed, May 17, 2006 at 02:59:26PM +0200, H. Wilmer wrote:
Florian Kulzer wrote:

You cannot break anything
by using aptitude and apt-get together, but you will (partially)
neutralize many of the advantages of aptitude. Just think of aptitude as
a tool which integrates the functionality of apt-get, apt-cache, etc.
into one utility with an optional ncurses-GUI and a broader repertoire
for the resolution of dependency problems.
Hm, I tried aptitude and found that you won't know what's going on anymore and that it tries to do things to packages you won't want it to do and that it's impossible to prevent that and very difficult, if not impossible, to make it install the packages you want. When using it after a fresh install, it appears to leave you with a totally broken system.

In other words: Aptitude just utterly sucked, so I went back to dselect.

With all the talk about aptitude and synaptic being the Ultimate way to
go, I'm glad to see other people using apt-get from the command line and
dselect for a front-end.  I learned dselect and couldn't get myself to
learn aptitude, so I guess I would say dselect's easier to use ;)

One thing thats always confused me with aptitude is how to 'unmark' packages that I have accidently marked when uses the ncurses interface. I have no trouble marking things and installing them, although, I generally use the command line for this. It usually when I have a lot of upgrades and I'd like to mark them all, and then unmark the few that I wannt to skip in upgrading, that I strike this problem of not knowing how to umark marked packages.

Chris L.

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