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switching from apt-get to aptitude

I've googled this quite a bit and found various web pages praising aptitude as a "better apt-get". But I've also seen cautions about mixing the two.

I'm running a testing installation that has been in place for nearly two years -- all the while maintained via apt-get. I've even written a shell wrapper around apt-get to log what gets installed. But the above mentioned sites make switching over to aptitude sound good.

I can't seem to find a definitive answer on whether or not this is a good idea. And I haven't found any kind of howto for doing the switch well. I have seen some sites that indicate aptitude may attempt to remove lots of packages on the first run after such a switch-over. If it's just a start-up kind of problem, can this be worked around? (i.e. marking packages in some way that means "no, really! I've installed that and want to keep it!")

Any advice, or perhaps pointers to better articles than what I've found?

Rick Reynolds
If you don't know the truth, you will believe anything. -- Eric Simmons

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