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Re: Best way to boot between debian and suse?

Digby Tarvin wrote:
There should be no problem sharing /home provided you are careful about
a few minor things - principally:

Well, and you should be sure that all your distributions always have the same versions of some of the programs you use. It's not always obvious, that different versions of the same program use the same or at least compatible configuration files.

Notable cases were this most likely doesn't work are kde, firefox, thunderbird.

When I had suse and debian on my computer the kde versions were different enough to become corrupted when read by the 'other' distribution.

So I would recommend to use different home-directories for both distributions. You could move your data all in one subdirectory of /home and make that accessible to your user from the other OS via using the same user name/user id and/or group and placing a link in that other home directory. Eg.
ln -s /other/home/data /home/data

If you happen to have specific configuration files that you want to share between distributions you could also just link their names from one home directoy to the other.

NB: I'm sure it won't take long before you abandon your suse and stick with debian ;-)

At least that happened to me.


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