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Re: switching from apt-get to aptitude

> > For example, a few days ago I decided to take a look at KDE (I am a long
> > time IceWM user). I just did 'aptitude install kde' and had almost
> > several hundred MB worth of k* applications.  Exactly what I wanted and,
> > so far, exactly what apt-get would have done. But it was just an
> > experiment and I wanted to get rid of KDE again. Aptitude allowed me to
> > just 'aptitude purge kde' again and it removed *every* package kde
> > depended on. If I had used apt-get to install and remove kde, apt-get
> Even X?

Of course not! But you are right, I should have made myself more clear:
aptitude removed every package kde depended upon *that were not yet
installed* when I requested installation of kde.

Question for you (anyone) then:
If you install kde through aptitude, an aptitude marks Xorg as a
dependency, and then install gnome a couple of days later, would
removing kde also remove Xorg, or would it see it as a current
dependency for gnome and leave it?

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