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Re: Dealing with duped messages [Re: Installing HylaFAX....]

On (15/05/06 18:53), Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> Clive Menzies wrote:
> > 
> > Thanks Roberto, it doesn't really bother me 'cos read by thread in mutt
> > makes it's pretty trivial to delete duplicates as I zap through the posts
> > from various debian lists. I really must get the appropriate line in my
> > muttrc to de-dupe automatically; I read the man page but haven't stumped
> > up the courage to try it in case I lose something important.  Perhaps a
> > test account might be prudent :)
> > 
> This is one feature hat I missed when I switched away from Cyrus as my
> IMAP server.  Cyrus has the ability to identify duplicate messages (even
> from different sources, like when someone replies to you on list and CCs
> you).  If it notices that a message is a duplicate of one that has
> already been delivered, it will not deliver it again.  Very handy.
Well I'm using dovecot IMAP; I must check out whether it has something
simliar although it probably can be configured in exim4?



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