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Re: Installing HylaFAX....

On (15/05/06 18:18), Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
> Dov Oxenberg wrote:
> > Once again THANK YOU for all your help, I can't begin to tell you how
> > much I appreciate it.
> > Now that I have my Debian box up and running, nice desktop and all, I
> > was under the impression the distro comes "prepackaged" with HylaFAX fax
> > server.
> > The HylaFAX web site is not too clear on how to actually install the
> > software so I was hoping someone here would lend some guidance as to
> > installation procedures.
> > Thanks again for your indulgence.
> > Dov
> > 
> > 
> When it is said that software comes "prepackaged" for Debian, that means
> that it has been packaged in a format that allows it to be
> installed/upgraded/removed by a suitable dpkg front-end.  If you open a
> terminal window and run `apt-cache search hylafax`, you will see the
> packages that are available related to hylafax.  You can then use your
> package manager (likely aptitude or synaptic, or another such package)
> to select the packages you want for installation.
> -Roberto
> P.S.  I know that Clive reads the list.  I don't think you need to CC
> him.  (I don't to speak for him, but I know that I already get plenty of
> email every day without people CCing me on list postings).

Thanks Roberto, it doesn't really bother me 'cos read by thread in mutt
makes it's pretty trivial to delete duplicates as I zap through the posts
from various debian lists. I really must get the appropriate line in my
muttrc to de-dupe automatically; I read the man page but haven't stumped
up the courage to try it in case I lose something important.  Perhaps a
test account might be prudent :)

Incidentally Dov, I suggested su to root earlier; now you're beginning
to get into all this, you'd be wise to use sudo.  

# aptitude install sudo

then once installed do

$ man sudo

It may save you doing something bad inadvertantly as root.



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