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Re: Another Newbie Troubles with Debian

On (15/05/06 12:26), Dov Oxenberg wrote:
> First off I would like to say thanks to all of you for being so kind in welcoming me to the list, and for your willingness to be of assistance.
> I am having a similar issue to the user who posted earlier this morning saying he was unable to load the KDE or GNOME and suspected it was a hardware issue.
> For me, I got past the initial setup via netinst.  I am at the point now where I am getting the Debian Configuration screeen and I am being prompted to choose what software to install (Desktop environment, Web Server, DNS Server, etc.)  I am guessing this is the aptitude application mentioned in the installation docs???  Anyway, according to the instructions in the docos the key binding for selecting the software you wish to install is the "+" sign....well, I am pressing this key on the keyboard to choose the desktop environment software, but it is not being selected!  It seems as though the only keys that work are the up and down arrow keys.
> I have run through this part about three or four times now, and each instance results in Debian being installed, but all I get is a command line login, no desktop.  Obviously the components I wish to have installed are not being selected.
> Below is the table from the docs I used as reference:
> <snip>
> Key Action 
> Up, Down  Move selection up or down. 
> Enter Open/collapse/activate item. 
> + Mark package for installation. 
> - Mark package for removal. 
> d Show package dependencies. 
> g Actually download/install/remove packages. 
> q Quit current view. 
> F10 Activate menu. 
> </snip>
> Would some PLEASE clue me in on what the secret key is to enable the desired selection?
At this point you aren't in aptitude but a debconf interface; the
spacebar should select what you want.



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