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Re: How to use Debian Kernel + md + lvm2

Le Mardi 9 Mai 2006 00:46, Ewing Jeff a écrit :
> What do I need to configure to use a stock debian kernel with md
> and lvm? I have been searching the Net for several days for
> answers to this problem.
> I have been compiling my own (Debian source based) kernel with md
> (autostart) and lvm compiled in for many years. Currently at
> 2.6.16.
> I would like to convert to a Debian standard kernel to ease
> maintenance as module requirents change frequently.
> I 'apt-get installed' the stock Debian Kernel
> linux-image-2.6.16-1-686-smp and updated lilo conf appropriately.
> when booting off the Debian Kernel I get messages:
> Mounting ... no such file or directory.
> >From the busybox shell, can I modprobe md but lvm drivers do not
> appear to be included. If I cd to
> /lib/modules/2.6.*smp/kernel/drivers there are only md and acpi.
> Do I neet to configure initramfs-tools (Not using yaird) to
> include lvm in the initrd image? How? The initramfs-tools
> manpages are detailed but do not give an overview.

I have a problem with LVM since the last 2 kernels / initramfs.
I managed to boot, once rebuilding my initrd from a chroot, and last, as it 
doesn't work, I use yaird.

It seems there is a problem in initramfs-tools. No reported bugs are 
corresponding for now.

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