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ieee that doesn't suck

I think  I just wasted a bunch of money on a IEEE1394 firewire card.

I can load modules and see a device on the PCI bus using lspci.
But there isn't anything in the /proc/bus/ that matches 'ieee1394'

I can't get any more information on how to debug this crap or what to do with the ieee1394 device mailing list. So I'm just going to appeal the greater population of the distrobution I am using.

Can someone identify a currently available PCI based IEEE1394 card that doesn't suck?

I can't run gscanbus because it crashes my system.
I can't get any significant logs from dmesg or anything else.
I can't get any response from the ieee1394 mailing list.
This reminds me when I first tried to use USB devices under linux, but I was hoping that firewire was a bit more mature than USB was 5 years ago.

Yeah, I'm frustrated, but I'm also stuck.

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