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Re: test

.........no. if you read well you can see that for yourself. further discussion closed as far as i am concerned. i received not one but three (!) emails from sanchez with the same content. consider that as agressive: so for once i did not constraint my self (not seriously meant of course: see 'ha, ha'). in the ten years i use linux, first slackware of patrick and the last years the impressibe os. debian i have seen - unfortunately - agression rising.

Let's not start about somebody's fuse if you don't care to lenghten your own. (please put some effort in a translation if you feel you need to explain something.. this was pretty awfull, but still, you do have vocabulary to make it work)

the criticism of list-members on my behaviour (for once) i share completely: so i apologized.

Good start.

kind regards,



Aparently you took Roberto his English reply the wrong way, responed in my opinon to harsh without reading the suggestion he offerd. We (the dutch) know that zonnet is crap.. but to share it with the a debian mailinglist is silly. That would mean that you would be sending out mails on a daily basis excusing yourself for a fuckup your provider made.

Now, back to the part of you recieving Roberto's reply multiple times; the mail is sent to the list (on which you have subscribed), and to you directly. It's quite logical that that mail is listed twice or more if you use a silly mail client, don't you think?

Now.. about the exclaimed part, directed at me personally. Do not every try and take a piss at somebody if you refuse to use your brain. My e-mails were directed to you PERSONALY. NOT to list, because I feel it is an stupid way of telling somebody that he's a moron. If you feel the need to chastise somebody, do it in your own spare time, okay?!


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