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Re: Alsa breaks after kernel upgrade

On 5/11/06, John L Fjellstad <john-debian@fjellstad.org> wrote:
Chris Abajian <chris@abajian.net> writes:

> Sound used to work fine.  Running Sarge distro kernel 2.6.8-2-386,
> Alsa was happy.  Life was good.  Sndstat said:

> Upgraded to new kernel,, built from source starting with
> old .config.  Everything looked good...

Are you using udev?  If you are, did you upgrade your udev?

I don't know what do you mean with crash.  But any time I update
kernel and reboot with the new one, I need to run alsaconf again to
set the right driver and modify the modules stuff (which is an easy
proccess through alsaconf).  If I don't do this sound doesn't work.
If you have tried this already, please disregard my comment.  If not,
then it's an easy trial.  Now if this is the problem, I think there's
no way to launch alsaconf on the kernel upgrade itself since a reboot
is required to launch the new kernel, so I believe this has to be
manually done, well if you experience this problem I do on any kernel
upgrade.  This is independant of udev usage for me.  I had to do this
in old hotplug times, and I have to do it in new udev times as well...

--  Javier  --

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