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Re: Debian for AMD64

David A. Parker wrote:
Have most packages been ported to the amd64 architecture, or is there
a limited selection?

Check out http://buildd.debian.org/stats/

Yes, most packages have been ported.

I found the amd64 "testing" version here:


But I wasn't sure if most packages had been ported to use the 64-bit
OS. Any problems there?

AMD64 is now an official Debian port.  At least unstable should be as
usable as any other port.  AFAIK testing is still not completely


Thanks for the responses, this is all very helpful! I read through the documentation and most of it makes sense. Running a few apps in a 32-bit chroot isn't a big deal. The only part of the how-to that I didn't understand was the installer part. Why do you need to set up a 64-bit chroot environment before installing the base OS?


You dont. These instructions are for installing amd64 from an existing i386 install I think.

I just used the amd64 sid netinstall disk and installed directly to a new partition.



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