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Re: Cups + HP PSC1410 + Windows XP

Ron wrote:

I installed the HP PSC1400 drivers on Linux such that I can print to a
Windows machine which is connected to a HP PSC1410 printer. I am using
cups.  This is in my log:

10/May/2006:14:09:54 +0200] Started backend /usr/lib/cups/backend/smb
(PID 5794) for job 199.
E [10/May/2006:14:09:54 +0200] [Job 199] No ticket cache found for
userid=<some user id>
E [10/May/2006:14:09:54 +0200] [Job 199] Can not get the ticket cache
for <some user>

The result is that I cannot print.

I am also not sure in what system the bug is present, so reporting a
bug, with reportbug is also rather difficult, since I don't know the
exact package which has the problem (it could be samba)...

Well, from what you post, I couldn't tell if this is a problem of misconfiguration or really a bug. I would try to sort out possible configuration issues before reporting a bug. I found the following resurces usefull (but I've never attempted to print to a printer connected to a windows machine. I find the opposite [windows prints to cups] a lot easier to implement.)

(if samba-doc is installed)

(and other links from that site)


Hope that helps, good luck!


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