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Re: Problems creating RAID 5 using mdadm

On (10/05/06 16:10), Ruggiero, Stephan wrote:
> Hi,
> I figured it out:
> The problem was that during the boot process the SATA controllers are
> initiated after the array building. The IDE controllers are initiated
> earlier, that's why the RAID1 with the IDE drives worked...
> So I did a "lsmod | grep sata" and filled in the sata module names to the
> /etc/modules.
> After a reboot the SATA RAID5 was up and running !!!

Yes.  I had to do the same on a couple of servers 18 months ago.  The
reason I didn't post is I thought you already had a RAID1 configuration
working... I neglected to check whether it was Sata :(

Anyway good news it's working :)



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