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Re: Problems creating RAID 5 using mdadm

Good way of resolve this problem is to compile drivers into kernel. Then the SATA controllers are initiated too eariler than the array building. More about SATA and arrays using mdadm, but in polish you can find at http://bu.bee.pl/articles.php?id=1


Clive Menzies wrote:

On (10/05/06 16:10), Ruggiero, Stephan wrote:

I figured it out:

The problem was that during the boot process the SATA controllers are
initiated after the array building. The IDE controllers are initiated
earlier, that's why the RAID1 with the IDE drives worked...

So I did a "lsmod | grep sata" and filled in the sata module names to the
After a reboot the SATA RAID5 was up and running !!!

Yes.  I had to do the same on a couple of servers 18 months ago.  The
reason I didn't post is I thought you already had a RAID1 configuration
working... I neglected to check whether it was Sata :(

Anyway good news it's working :)



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