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Re: sshfs?

Hey Eduard,

Yeah, thanks after I submitted the question I went to the FAQ ;)

Found "Debian Bug report logs - #334513"

That explained in detail what the problem is and how to correct, which I did.
All is fine now.

Thanks again,

>>>>> On Tue, 9 May 2006, "Eduard" == Eduard Bloch wrote:

  Eduard> #include <hallo.h> * jpg [Tue, May 09 2006, 10:44:58AM]:

  +> Hey List,

  +> Trying to get sshfs to work on my 'sarge' box.

  +> Installed sshfs, added root to the fuse group, then attempted to
  +> connect to remote machine that has sshd, with sftp extension, and get:

  +> # sshfs remote_host:/<remotefs> /<localmountpoint> Password:
  +> FATAL: Module fuse not found. fusermount: fuse device not found, try
  +> 'modprobe fuse' first

  +> # modprobe fuse FATAL: Module fuse not found.

  +> Nothing in man page describing needing to have a fuse module.  Nothing
  +> in /usr/src/linux- about fuse

  Eduard> Because 2.6.12 is pretty old and did not include fuse at that
  Eduard> time. Try "module-assistant prepare" and "m-a a-i fuse". Or
  Eduard> upgrade the kernel.

  Eduard> Eduard.

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