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Re: xorg + nvidia + tvout problem

I don't use any special key sequence, only the "ConnectedMonitor" and
"MetaModes" options. Then I change the resolution with "Ctrl" + "Alt" + "+/-"


Curt Howland wrote:
> What is the key sequence you're using to swap between outputs? I've 
> got an nvidia GeForce FX Go5600 in a laptop, with TV out that I just 
> cannot make work. The special key to swap between the LCD and CRT out 
> don't work with Linux since everything is now done Windows specific 
> drivers rather than hardware.
> Is it just the "Option "connectedmonitor" "crt" that turns them both 
> on at the same time all the time?
> Hopefully I won't get flamed for "hijacking threads" again.
> Curt-

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