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Re: "No screens found"

Kent West wrote:

Alex Gulla wrote:
Hi my name is Alex and I'm trying to setup Debian 3.1.  I  have it all
setup and i have kde and kdm installed and i cant seem to get them
working.  whenever i enter "kdm" into the prompt, the screen goes
completely black, then it just goes back to the prompt and nothing has
changed.  When i type "startx" in the prompt, it goes through a whole
bunch of what looks to be starting up X but then all i see is "Error:
NO SCREENS FOUND".  I'm trying to install Debian on a Dell Optiplex
GX400.  My video card is an ATI Rage and im positivbe my monitor is
hooked up correctly because i can see text in the prompt.  Any help
would be much appreciated.
If your ATI Rage is integrated rather than a separate card, I'd suspect
the Video RAM setting in the Dell's BIOS.

You could try the vesa driver which runs a wide range of cards, I believe.

# dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86

I had a similar problem with an nvidia card. It ran OK with the vesa driver. I finally got got the nvidia driver working by adding some configuration options to the /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 file. I found the configuration information via nvidia's website. You might find something similar on ATI's website or forums.


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