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Re: Mouse an 2.6 Kernel Problems: Solved

I am running a stable box with a 2.6.12 kernel and a newly upgraded testing box with both a 2.4.14 and a 2.6.12 kernel. Both run through the same KVM switch. The mouse works flawlessly with the stable 2.6.12 box. However the Testing box has problems with the mouse and the 2.6.12. It complains about losing synchronization.

Art Edwards

Hal Vaughan wrote:

A while back I posted that I had some problems with my mouse and a 2.6 kernel. At first, I had problems with early 2.6 kernels, even with Ubuntu's live CD, as well as Sarge. The mouse would jerk all over the place whenever I tried to move it anywhere. Then I started using Sid and overall it worked, but I had a problem with the scroll wheel. There was no problem scrolling down, but whenever I scrolled up in Firefox, as soon as I moved the mouse after scrolling up, it acted like I was highlighting the text. If I scrolled up in KMail in a list window, the item under the mouse was selected as soon as the scroll wheel moved up.

Nobody had a solution and I searched quite a bit until I found something not too reliable (I can't even remember what it was!) suggesting the KVM. I've been using Linksys 4 port KVM for several years -- so much so that I forget I have it -- even when I switch from one computer to another, I tend to take it for granted because the hotkeys worked well and I hadn't touched the KVM in several years. I never realized it was so easy to forget about a piece of hardware. I had never had even a hint of trouble from the KVM before, but I tested the connections and plugged the mouse into the computer without the KVM and had no trouble at all. (I had also asked here for comments on KVMs before buying a new one.)

My mouse problem is fixed and it only cost about $90. I bought a new KVM switch from Egghead. I've only had this one up and running for a short time and I'm having a hard time adapting to things working right. No more scroll wheel problem at all. It's amazing how you get used to work arounds and avoiding certain actions! Unfortunately, as hard as I searched, I never found a software solution to this problem. I tried using different input devices, but that didn't help.

I had tried a number of fixes and config changes to get things working and nothing helped with the old KVM. Then I plugged in the new KVM and the mouse went nuts. I'd move it a little bit and it would jump and jerk all over the screen like mad and bring up context menus, jump from one window to the one behind it (how it did that I'll never know, since both windows were maximized!) and other flakey stuff. Then I remembered what I just stated here: I still had fixes in place for the old problem -- fixes that weren't working. So I edited my xorg.config file and changed the mouse device to /dev/psaux, since it's a PS/2 mouse and restarted X. No help. So I went into /etc/modules and commented out mousedev so it wouldn't be used and commented out the line mouseproto=raw and rebooted.

That was all it took and it is now working quite well. I can scroll up and down through a list window and that first movement up on the scroll wheel no longer selects an item. I can scroll up and down in a web page or other page of text in different programs and starting to scroll up no longer starts selecting text.

For the record, I bought an IOGear GCS78 8 port KVM. I had been using a Linksys 4 port KVM for 4-5 years with no problem until I started using a 2.6 kernel. Even then, I'm so used to the KVM that it's become transparent and, even though I use it to switch from box to box, I forget about it. When I first tried a 2.6 kernel I had serious problems with the mouse jumping around (like it did today, when I first tried the new switch before rebooting) and stuck with the 2.4 kernel until I tried the 2.6.15 in Sid. Since the KVM had always worked so well and had become transparent to me, I didn't suspect it until just recently.

There are only 2 points on the new KVM that I am not thrilled about: 1) It needs a power supply, and the Linksys did not, and 2) The Linksys used ctrl-alt-shift-x-enter as hotkeys, where "x" was the number of the computer you were switching to. It wasn't picky, so I could press down the first 4 keys together, let up, and press enter and it would switch. This switch uses ctrl-shift-alt-x-enter and is much pickier. I can't press any of the keys simultaneously: I have to press them all in sequence or it won't switch. It takes about half a second longer to do that. Maybe I'm just being picky.

I seriously looked at KVMs with much faster switch times and with on screen display, but decided there was no reason to shell out the extra money. This is a good KVM and I can even gang it with others to control upto something like 256 computers with one keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

While, at this time, I'm only using 4 ports, now I can hook up my firewall and be able to access it if, for some reason, ssh isn't working and I have some extra ports for expansion.

If anyone is having similar problems, I don't think you'll get them fixed without replacing the KVM.

If anyone is considering a KVM, this one seems solid, but, hey, I've only been using it 15 minutes.

I hope this helps someone out there so they don't go through several months of mouse problems like I did before finding a solution.


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