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Re: [OT] blink tag effect with animation

Matt Zagrabelny wrote:

> how about using css, thats a standard. :)
> <h1 style="text-decoration: blink;">text that blinks</h1>

Yes, of course. But I will have to look into it if it works on a pair of
images. The text may have to be an image in the given scheme of things.

> i am not saying your question is off topic, but, blinking web text has
> very little to do with linux, debian, or the kernel you are running.

Actually, I don't think I gave the whole picture. I have just realized
that the text needs to be replaced with an image to be consistent with
the context. So the blinking is going to be an animation between two
images. So the query was going to be something like : how do I made
animations in Linux (gif or png) given a pair of images so that they
appear to be blinking. I was thinking something could be done with
transcode, mencoder, imagemagick, gimp, etc. given my Debian system.
Hence the relevance to Debian and Linux (okay, maybe it is not relevant
to the kernel).


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