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my small error list for Debian Etch, snapshot from 01052006

using Debian Etch snapshot from May 1st, 2006 I found the following errors:
1. The installer is buggy. When installing from DVD it only points to debian
not to a local resource as intended.
2. I did not manage to find a way to install Gnome and / or kde by a menu
point. The installer only performs
a standard basic system installation and leaves the rest to the experienced
user. It is really very tricky to perform a successful
installation at all.
3. Only with the "install" I managed to work successful, the "expert" one
did not succeed at all to install
a basic system. There is no appropriate timeout for the installer looking
for mirrors.
There should be a timeout after a couple of seconds when, during
installation from CD or DVD,
no mirror is not found or wanted at all.
4. Ubuntu 5.10 is much older, not only as far as the kernel is involved, but
Ubuntu´s installer
is far more convenient and intuitive than the actual Debian Etch one.
Is there any time window when this installer will be fixed?
5. Ark needs an eternity to open a complete kernel. Furthermore it does not
open kernel patches
at all (*.tar.bz for example). Moreover by clicking on such a kernel patch
in Mozilla Ark does not open at all.

So far the error list that at least I managed to find out.
The images being downloaded by using jigdo are OK and error-free.
And the system runs fine so far! Thank You all: good work above the
mentioned errors.
6. I am missing xine-ui and the latest kaffeine package.


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