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Re: my small error list for Debian Etch, snapshot from 01052006

> using Debian Etch snapshot from May 1st, 2006 I found the following errors:
> 1. The installer is buggy. When installing from DVD it only points to debian
> mirrors,
> not to a local resource as intended.

file a bug report [0].

> 2. I did not manage to find a way to install Gnome and / or kde by a menu
> point. The installer only performs
> a standard basic system installation and leaves the rest to the experienced
> user. It is really very tricky to perform a successful
> installation at all.

iirc, there should be a option to select "desktop system" or "desktop
environment". and i do believe that is selected by default, so you
should have gotten both gnome and kde installed, ymmv.

> 3. Only with the "install" I managed to work successful, the "expert" one
> did not succeed at all to install
> a basic system. There is no appropriate timeout for the installer looking
> for mirrors.
> There should be a timeout after a couple of seconds when, during
> installation from CD or DVD,
> no mirror is not found or wanted at all.

what do you mean the 'expert' one did not succeed at all. please be more
specific. i suppose if you feel these are indeed bugs, you could file a
bug against the etch installer [0].

> 4. Ubuntu 5.10 is much older, not only as far as the kernel is involved, but
> Ubuntu´s installer
> is far more convenient and intuitive than the actual Debian Etch one.
> Is there any time window when this installer will be fixed?

one of ubuntu's goals is to be easy to use and to be a desktop
distribution. those are not necessarily debian's goals.

> 5. Ark needs an eternity to open a complete kernel. Furthermore it does not
> open kernel patches
> at all (*.tar.bz for example). Moreover by clicking on such a kernel patch
> in Mozilla Ark does not open at all.

are you talking about a kernel source tree? either way this is probably
an issue for the upstream developers of ark.

[stuff deleted]

> 6. I am missing xine-ui and the latest kaffeine package.

add sarge repositories to your /etc/apt/sources.list or wait for xine-ui
to trickle down from sid.

[0]  http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/Bugs

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