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Re: screwed console [help, please]

> From: Mauro Condarelli <MC5686@mclink.it>
> > From: "Martin A. Brooks" <martin@antibodymx.net>
> > Mauro Condarelli wrote:
> > > Question is:
> > > How can I reset /dev/tty1 from another virtual console (other
> > consoles work ok).
> > > I *know* I can fix it "the Windows way" (i.e.: rebooting),
> > but I would like
> > > to do it cleanly, if possible (and learn something in the 
> process).
> >
> > Try "set tty sane".
> Could You elaborate, please?
> My tty1 is "not sane" and not logged in.
> I tried both "set tty sane" and "set tty1 sane" from tty3, but 
> nothing changed.

I also tried "stty -F /dev/tty1 sane", which I suspect is what You meant.
No joy.
Still stairway effect.
Still "Login incorrect" as soon as I type the *second* char of the password.

Any other idea?
I'm at Witt's End.


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