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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

hendrik@topoi.pooq.com wrote:
> And if the neighbourhood thief is breaking into your home, he is more 
> likely to be armed with a gun if he thinks you probably are.

    No, chances are if the neighborhood thief is already breaking the law by
trespassing with the intent to break the law by stealing they're going to
break the law prohibiting the possession of a gun.

    Furthermore if the thief knows the neighborhood is a "gun free" zone he's
more likely to break into homes in that neighborhood.  Whereas if he knows
that the homes are regularly armed there is a lesser chance of breakins.  Why?
 Thieves are looking for the easy target.

    Oddly enough time and time again studies show this correlation to exist.
Every time a state passes will-issue and other laws to strengthen the
homeowners right to defend themselves and their property crime decreases.  And
here's the part that you'll love.  The fact that your neighbor owns a gun
protects you because if you're in a will-issue state the mere possibility of
you being armed is a deterrent.  So rest assured, you can be safer without the
nasty business of actually taking responsibility for your own safety.

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