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Re: How to save or archive updates downloaded after a CDROM Sarge installation?

Keith Christian wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> My first post to a Debian list.  Glad to be here.
> Scenario:  Sarge is from CD #1 on a machine with an internet connection.  At
> the end of the base install, the installer downloads security and other
> updates from a Debian mirror.
> Question:  Suppose that I wanted to archive the updates on a blank CD to save
> bandwidth on a subsequent install.  Are there instructions how to do this? 
> Ideally, on a subsequent install (say for a friend or neighbor without a fast
> connection,)  Sarge would be installed, and then point the installer at the CD
> with the downloaded updates and (somehow) tell it "get the updates from that
> How to do that?

Check out apt-move.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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