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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

Paul Johnson wrote:
> You directly benefit (even without kids) by being surrounded by (relatively) 
> educated people.  Just like freeways:  While bicycles may be allowed on most 
> of them, odds are bicyclists are paying for miles of urban freeway that is 
> closed to bicycles.  Is it fair that people who get around by bicycle on 
> roads that, in many states they have a constitutional right to ride on, have 
> to pay for freeways that you have to earn the priveledge of a driver's 
> license to use?  Yes, because odds are they indirectly benefit by the freeway 
> being there by the availability of goods that would otherwise be stuck at the 
> rail depot, seaport, or entirely different city without urban freeways.
I'd like to know how cyclists pay for highways.  IIRC, nearly all
federal highway money comes from gas taxes.  In addition, many states
use tolls to fund road projects (e.g., Florida, Kansas) or insanely high
vehicle registrations (e.g., Georgia).  So, based on your argument, you
think that the government taxes everyone equitably to pay for roads that
are not equally used by everyone.  Actually, if roads are any
indication, then we would be far better off going to something akin to
private education.  That is, pay for what you use.  That is how roads
work now.  (Of course this discounts things like fuel taxes collected
for aviation fuel and fuel for vehicles used for agriculture and offroad).


Roberto C. Sanchez

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