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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

Paul Johnson wrote:
> You directly benefit (even without kids) by being surrounded by (relatively) 
> educated people.  Just like freeways:  While bicycles may be allowed on most 
> of them, odds are bicyclists are paying for miles of urban freeway that is 
> closed to bicycles.  Is it fair that people who get around by bicycle on 
> roads that, in many states they have a constitutional right to ride on, have 
> to pay for freeways that you have to earn the priveledge of a driver's 
> license to use?  Yes, because odds are they indirectly benefit by the freeway 
> being there by the availability of goods that would otherwise be stuck at the 
> rail depot, seaport, or entirely different city without urban freeways.

    No, they're not the same, Paul.  First off I can see and point out potholes
in the roads and get them fixed.  I do not consider what the public schools in
this nation as educating.  While I may benefit from an educated public I do
not see such an educated public.

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