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Re: Offensive e-mail received

Chris Metzler wrote:
On Fri, 28 Apr 2006 11:56:41 -0500
Mike McCarty wrote:

Leonid Grinberg wrote:

(c) Just ignore it.

Err, I'd rather report it to the ISP of the originator, if it's
really truly patently and deliberately offensive. I did that
a day or so ago with one which had deliberately offensive
sexual content concerning an error message from the kernel.

No need to remind us -- that's the post of yours that started
this thread, and that people are commenting upon.  You posted
the first message in this thread, after all.

Wouldn't the patently offensive e-mail be the first in
the thread?

It had forged headers, but it's not difficult to figure them

An interesting comment for you to make, given that you "figured
them out" incorrectly.

Well, then, how about showing how to figure them out correctly?

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