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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

Matthias Julius wrote:
> How do you recognize well-intentioned and law-abiding citizens?  What
> makes this difficult is that people change.  They buy a gun as a
> well-intentioned and law-abiding citizen in case they need to defend
> themselfes.  Then a while later when they are upset or drunk they find
> they have a gun handy and do harm somebody else.

    Presumably if the "somebody else" hadn't been disarmed in the futile
effort to prevent the "possibly distressed" person from doing something rash
they wouldn't have been harmed?  It's the one law that lawmakers never seem to
get a hold of, the law of unintended consequences.  Yeah, it's easier for
someone to do harm but it is far easer for someone (many someone) else to
defend themselves.

    See, that's the problem with the anti-gun lobby.  They love to cite cases
where guns cause harm.  Do they ever, once, even attempt to cite cases where a
gun was useful?  Nope.

    Also there is a logical disconnect here.  Take Columbine, the most
horrific school shooting in America's history.  Arguably one of the strongest
cases for the anti-gun lobby to glom onto.  "We need laws to prevent this sort
of thing!"  Uh... we did and do.  The two boys obtained their firearms
illegally.  Laws didn't stop it.  In fact, if someone is intent on doing harm
to others do you honest think they're going to say "Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on
a sec, we can't buy a gun!"

> Maybe if noone had a gun to threaten you with you wouldn't need one to
> defend yourself?

    So then what about carving knives, chainsaws, baseball bats, automobiles...

    Again, if someone is intent on doing you harm, which is against the law,
another law which tells them they can't use a particular method to do you harm
is going to deter them?

    Finally, it there is a moral double standard here.  "I am unwilling to
take responsibility to protect myself...  I pay that person over there to risk
his life to defend mine!  Furthermore I do not feel you, a complete stranger,
have the right to defend yourself as you might hurt me.  But that aformention
perfect stranger is a-ok!"

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