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System-V style init scripts

I set up a ruleset for iptables v1.2.11 and want to load it automatically at 
system start-up. Since I wanted it to act independently, I prefered the Sys-V 
way(as opposed to the pre-up/post-down at  /etc/network/interfaces). I 
figured that it should be loaded before is started 'networking' and unloaded 
after 'networking' is stopped. 

What I came to realize is that no kill symbolic link existed for networking

So, my first question is: 
  - when does 'networking' come down?

Secondly, I come from a Red Had background and find it hard to understand how 
System-V style init scripts are implemented in Debian. For example, in the 
most used start/kill link containers such as /etc/rc3.d, /etc/rc5.d no kill 
links are present. 

Which brings me to my second question:
  - does anyone know of any place I can get insight into the Debian 
implementation of initscripts?

Thanks a lot in advance,

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